June 27, 2016

FIFA 17: Take A Look At The "Chemistry Glitch"

The past few days, there has been a lot of speculation, questions, guessing, and such, first regarding the "fitness glitch" (which almost 100% has been confirmed now) and now mostly regarding the "chemistry glitch".

Therefore, I thought I would take a closer look at this "chemistry glitch", in a more technical and logical way, so let's jump straight into it:

What is the "fitness glitch", and why does it work?

There has been a lot of talk about the "fitness glitch", where ALL non-day one cards (all cards except the NIF, non-upgraded, non-transfered cards) start games with full fitness, meaning that you don't have to apply fitness to the cards. It has been tested, and the cards affected by the glitch seem to start every game with 100 fitness regarding what they show before the match.

Now, what (most likely) is the reason behind this "fitness glitch"? What has made it like this? The most logical reason in my eyes, after talking to what I consider "experts", is that when EA add new cards into their database, like a transferred card, upgraded card or an inform card, something is wrong in their system (whether it be the source code of the game, the database system, or something else), causing the fitness not taking affect when the match starts. My guess is that the fitness displays in the menu, but it also has to be applied to make the player feel more sluggish in-game. However, for some reason, the cards released after day one seem to be not be affected by this, and therefore always are stuck at "base fitness", which is 99 (what the card has when you get it).

Why are you talking about the "fitness glitch?

The "fitness glitch" is the whole reason behind the "chemistry glitch" hoax (in my opinion) being a thing. The reason for the "fitness glitch" is that the non-day one cards are always the default of the respective value, and not set to the proper value that they are meant to be at that very moment.

What is the "chemistry glitch" and why (most likely) does it work?

The "chemistry glitch" revolves around the fact that since the "fitness glitch" is the default value, the "chemistry glitch" has to be the default value too. This would mean that every non-day one card ALWAYS has 4 or 5 chem (depending on what the "base chem" is. This would be positive when playing the affected cards in "red" positions, and it would be negative when playing them in a "yellow", "green" or "hyper" position.

So, the 1 million dollar question: Why, most likely, does this work, and why do I believe that the "chemistry glitch" is all just a huge hoax?

The "fitness glitch", as I already explained, most likely happens because the system somewhere doesn't update the "real" value, when you enter a match. Fitness doesn't take effect before you enter a game, in my opinion, and when it doesn't take effect at all with the non-day one cards, we get the so-called "fitness glitch". However, with chemistry, I believe that the value takes effect instantly when he has 1-10 chemistry.
This would mean that if 4 chemistry is base stats, and every + chemistry would be one better stat (even though I don't think it's that simple, but let's use this as a simple example), the player would instantly get +6 stats, hidden, when he had full chem. For many different reasons that I won't bother to explain at this moment as it's pretty complex, and reasons that I've discussed with "experts", it seems logical that they are set before the game and not in-game.

Since there seems to be a problem with non-day one cards getting updated to the real value, there would NOT be a problem with chemistry since it's already set before the game starts.

And that's why I believe that the "chemistry glitch" is a hoax.

What about the handicapping, people playing well in FUT Draft (mostly IF cards) and people having "felt" this "chemistry glitch"?

It's all just the nocebo effect, with you believing that an inform with +1 stats will perform a lot better. I won't go more into this, because it won't help even if I explained it the very best possible. People still would believe want that wanted to believe.
NOW: I may have gotten really off track here, and I may have felt to explain my main point, but I need to perhaps see some tests and look more into this before writing a lot more. I will be updating this post frequently (hopefully), to make it more understandable, add new information, etc. I would REALLY appreciate you guys helping me out here, with tests and what you think about this.

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